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Small Business Credit Cards – Which One Is Best?

There are a lot of great things about having a credit card for business purposes. A credit card can help you to make purchases, reserve rental cars and book tickets for transportation. The way in which you manage your business credit cards is important. This article will provide some beneficial tips that can help you to select your card and manage it wisely.

Pay your minimum payment on time each month, to avoid more fees. If you can afford to, pay more than the minimum payment so that you can reduce the interest fees. Just be sure to pay the minimum amount before the due date.

Read all the fine print before applying for a credit card for business use, as the rules for personal use and business use can be substantially different. Make certain you avoid getting hooked into paying excessively high interest rates. Many introductory offers are just ploys to get consumers to bite and later, the company will show their true colors and start charging interest rates that you never would have signed up for, had you known about them!

Check with your credit card company, to learn if you can set up an automatic payment each month. Many companies will allow you to automatically pay the full amount, minimum payment, or set amount out of your checking account each month. This will ensure that your payment is always made on time.

If you are a person who travels frequently for business, consider applying for a card that gives you airline, or hotel advantages. These advantages might include points that equal free airfare, upgrades when you do travel, and opportunities to enter exclusive clubs. These incentives can help you to travel in style, without breaking the bank.

If your business suffers a drop in sales, or fall behind on payments for some other reason, you are going to want to know ahead of time what your options are. Credit card companies do like to give you this information up front, but it is up to you to take it into consideration. Therefore, think ahead, and pay attention to these details as well.

Do not close multiple accounts at one time. Close them down slowly, one by one, in order to avoid doing damage to your credit rating. Businesses have credit ratings in the same manner that people do. Also, be sure to consider whether you will find yourself in need of those credit cards in the future. A long standing credit card account is better for the credit rating of your business than the closing and opening of many different credit cards.

Make the minimum monthly payment in the very least on all of your credit cards. Not making the minimum payment on time can cost you a great deal of money over time. It can also cause harm to credit rating of your business. To protect both your expenses, and your credit rating be sure to make minimum payments on time each month.

More Business Credit Card Strategies

A great tip for saving on today’s high gas prices is to get a reward card from the grocery store where you do business. These days, many stores have gas stations, as well and offer discounted gas prices, if you sign up to use their customer reward cards. Sometimes, you can save up to twenty cents per gallon.

When it comes to business credit cards, you should always know your rights. If you fall behind, know what your options are as well. If you have to speak with other departments, such as the collections department, and others, know what your rights are. You do not want to do any business without knowing all of your available options.

Before you decide on a new credit card for your small business, be careful to read the fine print. Credit card companies have been in business for many years now, and know of ways to make more money at your expense. Be sure to read the contract in full before signing, to be sure that you are not agreeing to something that will harm you or your business in the future.

Transferring a credit card balance from a high interest credit card to a card where the rate is less, can save you money every month. Credit card companies offer special introductory rates to attract new businesses to their credit cards. If you take advantage of one of these offers, make sure that you understand the amount of time that the introductory rate offer lasts.

If you are not satisfied with the high interest rate on your business credit card, but aren’t interested in transferring the balance somewhere else, try negotiating with the issuing bank. You can sometimes get a lower interest rate if you tell the issuing bank that you are considering transferring your balances to a different credit card that offers low-interest transfers. They may lower your rate in order to keep your business!

When one looks for a new credit card for his or her small business, sticking with the largest, most well-established credit card companies is a good idea. These companies usually have good, solid business practices as well as great benefits. You should always get a credit card from a reputable company.

If you decide to open a business credit card account, see what your bank has to offer, especially if your business has banked at the same place for years. They already have a lot of your company’s financial information, and can often offer you a speedy approval as well as some great incentives. Local credit unions are also a good place as a source for small business credit cards.

As was stated at the beginning of this article, having a business credit card can benefit you in many ways. Making the best selection when it comes to obtaining a credit card is important, as is managing the card you choose in the correct way. This article has provided you with some useful tips to help you make the best credit card decision and creatively grow your business credit by using it wisely

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